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Disclosing Client Pricing on Custom Builds

I get asked (a lot) by people on Facebook and Instagram how much I charge for the watches I post. First off, I wrote an entire ebook on cost and pricing.

You can see it HERE

Second, not every transaction is the same. Which means if I tell one person it’s $650, and a Client just purchased a similar one for $850, that could become a problem. Yes, I give discounts to my Clients at certain times, and charge more for others, especially if custom works is done such as hard to find parts, a hand-made dial, strap, or custom case.

The point is there’s no need for me to share what I charge if someone hasn’t even taken the time to look at my website and see for themselves. Which again, has the custom build bible on it that explains it all.

For example. I’ve had one client purchase 6 watches from me since Christmas. These were all custom builds, so the prices ranged from $550-$850 each. Then, just two days ago, he asked if I had any in stock pre-built. I do. I had two that weren’t even listed that I was going to sell for $329 respectively. Well, he got them for $250 each because he’s purchased far beyond a dozen from me over the past year. (16 and counting) Of course, he always tips (which he did) to make up some difference, but that’s not the point. The point is that the discount I gave him was more like an investment towards the future, simply knowing he’ll continue to come back.

The point is that the guy is an INCREDIBLE Client and deserves the very best treated accordingly, (as all my Clients do). In fact, two Christmases ago I sent him a free VK63 salmon chrono as a gift. My cost was just over $150, but that’s far less than the thousands he’s given me over the years.

Here’s another interesting piece of info. When someone askes me “how much” online, they NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER purchase anyway. So why bother wasting my time answering them in the off chance a Client sees it and it hurts our relationships? Plus, my Client margins are personal and I respect that. No one needs to know what someone else paid.

All I have to do is say “PM me and I’ll answer your questions.” Guess what, they almost NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER PM me to ask.

This is the space we’re in folks. There’s tire kickers and there’s Client’s I’ll bend over backwards for. And trust me when I say this; If someone becomes a repeat Client, they’ll know just how important they are to me through my actions and considerations towards their best interest.

Frank Kern said it the best (although a bit pretentious).

“There’s two kinds of people in my business. Those who pay me, and those I could care less about.”

Take care of your Clients and they will take care of you. For everyone else kicking those tires, protect your time and your Clients before anything else. You’ll be much happier in the long run.