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Guidance for Microbrands and Watch Builders

Category: Good Business

Disclosing Client Pricing on Custom Builds

I get asked (a lot) by people on Facebook and Instagram how much I charge for the watches I post. First off, I wrote an entire ebook on cost and pricing. You can see it HERE Second, not every transaction is the same. Which means if I tell one person it’s $650, and a Client […]

The Mathematics of Customer Care

Empathy is an essential skill, especially in today’s volatile world. And when it’s applied to the bottom line of a business, it can support both short-term gratification and long-term relationships. Combine this with the desired longevity of your business, and you’ll see a direct link between how caring supports sustainability. Let’s first talk about how […]

The Psychological Advantage of Staged Payments in Watch Building

Building a watch can be an intricate and detailed process. It involves precision, skill, and a true passion for the art of timekeeping, not to mention attention to detail as though you’re creating a piece of art.  At least in my opinion. For clients seeking a custom-made watch, they’re not just buying a piece of […]